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I have held an amateur radio license since 1977 with the callsign G4GKH which has changed to GM4GKH since I moved to Inverness. I am active on all HF bands with a Yaesu FT-840 HF Transceiver and 144MHz on all modes with a Standard C5800 all mode 2 metre rig. The 'shack' cupboard in the picture (right) also houses the PC, printers powersupplies and broadcast satellite receivers/television. The MFI furniture store has its uses! You can also see my guitars, another hobby of mine, which you can find out a little more about by clicking on the 'Interests' button on my main page. Radio amateurs confirm contacts on the radio with 'QSL' cards. Mine is shown below.
Click on QSL Card for full size!

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Location of GM4GKH (Map Centre) Where we are
Send Amateur Radio related E-mails to G4GKH Email G4GKH