Welcome to our photo gallery. This is a selection of 30 out of the many photographs that we captured with the Sanyo Digicam since 1998. A 'crappy' Nikon and a K750i cameraphone now join the camera selection along with our best camera the Olympus C700. The Sanyo Digicam is being put to best use by an old school-chum and fellow Radio Amateur now. Photographs from the Olympus are on Gallery #2

Click on any of the images tabled below to see the full-size image.

Six years after Geoff's Dad died (23rd September 1994), his Mum got remarried to a widower, Jim - her surname is now Porter. This was taken on their wedding day at the end of May 2000.

Bradley on a donkey in Scarborough just before Debbie's cousin Fay's wedding in September 1998.

Fireworks display cut and pastes from a display in Maldon in Essex , November 1998.

Debbie and Geoff on their Wedding Day 21st June, 1986

My friend Phil Arnold at my leaving do just before we left Tollesbury late October 1999.

Bear and Ragged Staff at Crayford at the Millennium Party 31st December 1999

Debbie and Geoff at the Bear and Ragged Staff (Crayford) Millennium Party.

For those Joe Satriani fans here is a bit of 'Surfing with the Alien'. We make friends with all sorts!

Here is Debbie's brother David with her best Friend Amanda when they first got together during 1999.

This goat lives at Colchester Zoo. Geoff's hand offering a food pellet has been edited out. In answer to the question asked by many ... he doesn't breathe through his ears!

This is Bradley on his 'Driving Test' at Legoland in Windsor during summer 2000.

This is one of our two cats, Lucy, who has taken up residence in Debbie's cross-stitch sowing basket. The icon reads 'Cat' so the Cat's logic is irrefutable huh!

Third from the right is Bradley's Great, Great Grandfather - George Tyler Duke.

This Photo, taken by Debbie from the London Eye is of Westminster with Big Ben clearly visible. Probably taken on one of the murkiest days!

This was taken during the Eclipse and shows the projection of the Moon obscuring the Sun on Geoff's hand from a pin-hole camera made from dark paper put up at the office window.

Bradley at Chessington World of Adventure. This gives a good example of the capture speed of the Digicam when you can successfully 'pan' with the object and it exposes when you expect it to.

This was taken on holiday where Geoff got creative with the sand - beats sandcastles !

The bleakness of it all! This was taken on a business trip to Ulverston in the Lake District before breakfast during the early morning.

A view of the mountains in Nerja in Southern Spain near to where Debbie's mum now lives.

Geoff singing and playing the guitar in the King's Head in Tollesbury where we used to live.

Around 5th November every year since 1605, every town and village in England lights bonfires, lets off fireworks, burns an effigy of Guy Fawkes and celebrates the fact that Parliament and James I were not blown sky high by him.

Every year at Central Park in Dartford (and everywhere else) there is a Firework display. The photos on this row were taken on Saturday 4th November 2000.

A really ugly Cactus given to us by Alan and Doreen who used to manage the King's Head in Tollesbury. It has bloomed every year for us and often with two flowers. They only last 2 days once they have opened!

Clips from Geoff's 40th birthday at the Bear and Ragged Staff in Crayford

It has been a couple of years since I did this (see top row of photos) so here is my new 'cut and pasted' selection from the photographs taken at the Dartford Firework display on 4th November 2000. Easy with MGI Photosuite. Why not save it as a wallpaper - suitably resized?

This little chap was born out of a few beers one Saturday and the only snow we had in February 2001!

Natalie (top right) had the great idea of going around with a bucket for the NSPCC on our mad Sunday night in late May 2001. We collected over £200. Geoff is dressed as 'The Mask' So, Timex, Treefrog, Sarah, Paul, Gary, Debbie, Steve, Emma and Natalie all shown in this crazy collage with some shots taken in the Bear and Ragged Staff in Crayford.

This is a photograph taken during a storm on the night of 9th May 2001 - timing is everything!

Yes, they're at it again! This time we dressed up for Halloween at the Bear and Ragged Staff in Crayford. Money in the bucket for Leukaemia research (well done Emma!)

Here is a scan of Bradley's great Grandfather and Grandmother on Debbie's side.

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