Shortly after Debbie had her plaster removed, from having dislocated and fratured her ankle, she was somewhat swollen and could not be doing with wandering around a local supermarket. She therefore sat in the car whilst Brad and I did the shopping. On one of the shelves was a whole herd of friendly-faced soft and fluffy sheep toys. I thought - get Debs a sheep - so I did.

This sheep has been the subject of much amusement and has been the target for all sorts of minor lunacy. After various frivolous tales of things ovine an idea was created of 'sheepy' being put in various locations - some more obvious than others. Taking this to extremes, the geographic locations considered got more and more bizarre from the top of a block of flats behind the Sidney Opera House to sitting on the Channel 4 News Desk and driving a utility vehicle at Gdansk Airport.

The concept of a web-page devoted to 'Sheepy' and where it might be was met with mixed reactions. Deb wanted to put me out of my misery but she came round a bit and the idea was starting to grow on Mr Mash (give me a potato and I'll show you) and the Chunkster when this was discussed down the Bear and Ragged Staff in Crayford one Friday night. So, here it is folks. Come back tomorrow and see where Sheepy is. The locations will be getting more and more bizarre as time goes on so visit often. Please remember to sign the guestbook


Where is Sheepy today?