When many people are asked what their interests are a very common response is Football, or watching the TV or playing some sort of sport. My pastimes are not sport related, in fact I have never been in to anything remotely associated with 'sport'. That is probably why I am overweight I guess but nothing bores me more. My father was a sports fanatic. By the time I was about four years old I held absolutely no interest in sport. That did not turn me into a boring person though, as there are other things in this world that can keep a person occupied in their spare time (whatever that is)!

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I have always liked music and took piano lessons for a few years from the age of seven. As soon as the classics started to appear, my interest disappeared. I gave up the piano, only to have the occasional 'tinkle'. I took up the guitar when I was about eighteen but have only ever played acoustic. I have played and sung 'in public' as a solo act in folk clubs and a Local Pub where we used to live. I've not done this since late 1999 and the reasons are lack of appropriate venue and time at the moment.

The music I listen to is not the music I play - strange that really - but life's like that. My interests are Within Temptation, Delain, Doro, Vandroya, Leaves Eyes, Elis, Xandria, The Gathering etc.. these days with nearly 1500 tracks on my Sansa Clip MP3 player, but still listen to Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Goldfrapp, Alice Cooper, Heart and, of course listening to Arrow Rock Nord and Russian Radio Caprice on the Firestick rather than the crappy UK Radio Stations that have such a very restricted playlist that you never hear anything different. I used to listen to Radio Caroline which now has an internet presence bu they have become as stuck in their ways as the institutions they rebelled against in the sixties, seventies and early eighties. I sent them a note on their Facebook page re 'why don't you play...' and got the monosyllabic and arrogant response 'who?' (see link to their site below). Despite being a fan for many decades, that did it for me. Not impressed with what they have become - which is their own tunnel-visioned elite institution of the 'old boys network'!


I am into anything to do with our origins and have many books on Pyramids, Maya and lost civilisations. Click on the Pyramid below to discover some interesting facts and ideas!


I have been a licensed radio amateur with the callsign G4GKH since 1977 and GM4GKH since moving to Scotland lock, stock and barrel in 2007. vSee my amateur radio page to discover what this is about. Here is a link to my current 'Radio Shack' 'The Man Cave'


I have owned several VW Sciroccos and a 5 Cylinder VW Santana (Audi 90 Engine) all the way up to 250,000 miles on the clock! I am sure that this trouble-free milage was attributable to early Slick 50 treatment and servicing by me with Mobil One being the number one choice for the regular oil changes. Currently I am driving my second Audi A4. The first one was a stand 1.8 but the current one is my first excursion into the world of diesel. This V6 2.5 Litre 180 bhp (++) Quattro Sport is the fastest most torquy vehicle I have ever had - I love it! Find out a bit more on the cars from the VW and Audi links below.


(Well, not really but it continues the word pun!)

I like a damn good laugh and you will find some excellent links to some very funny sites in the Joke Files link below.

Much Worse (sic!)

I have done all sorts with various types of computer, I even built a Nascom once! But I had the urge to produce a set of web pages. I did not use any fancy tools to create this site - just Notepad and a bit of fast learning about HTML code . With a few borrowed bits and pieces from elsewhere I discovered just how easy it was. Subsequent to one of the rare updates, thanks to Karla Whitlow, I can offer you this link HTML5 Cheatsheet . I haven't picked up the guitar for a little while and this is why! Having discovered that people actually read this content, I add this very useful educational resource. Thanks to Keri Evans for this: Home Learning: Computer Programming Resources . External interest will keep this content alive!

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